First Video of The Year

Its been ages since I’ve updated the site. I decided to completely recycle the old website and put together a new better looking one. Unfortunately I noticed my camera has a slight crack in the screen so the video is slightly blurry. I’m currently looking for a new camera to use in the meantime while I replace the old one. I’m hoping I get myself together so I can post at least a new video every month. But I could be busy seeing as I’ll be going to Durham College this Fall for Environmental Technology.

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  • cori schriver:

    just wanted to say im probably twice yer age and your my fucking hero man. i thought i was good (real good) but after watching you i realize i havent even started yet. yer the shit bro!! if you got any advice or lessons or any knowledge you want to share with me at all i would totally appreciate it, i feel like i just wanna kid nap you and eat your brain to absorb yer hacking powers ha ha ha of coarse i wouldn’t do anything like that again because apparently that don’t work all you get is food poisoning (who knew) im just Fuckin with ya……i didn’t get food poisoning. so ya any knowledge would be awesome especially with stalls cause so far i’ve only mastered rallies i can hit it about 100~130 times in a row but it gets lame ass without stalls. peace

  • Aaron Rohrer:

    When I heard that you had posted a new video, I was pumped. The second I got home, I checked your website and was blown away by the new layout. Keep posting man, and try not to let another year go by ’til your nest video.

  • Ryan Dopson:

    Post more vids noob.

    • Nick:

      i have been looking for quantums forever and i really cant get any. its been stressful. where did you get yours?

      • ndeschamps:

        I bought mine at the 2010 world championships, I’m not sure if you can still buy them.
        If I find out where you can purchase a pair, I’ll send you an e-mail.

  • Joe pfeifer:

    Hugeeeee fan dude your my idol at footbaging

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